Thursday, October 14, 2004

Debate Party 3 at the Firehouse

Report from Thea Turner:
The Firehouse Grill was a full house, packed with well over 100 Kerry supporters to watch the third Presidential Debate. The crowd listened intently as each candidate fielded questions on domestic issues, with occasional cheers and and applause as JK deftly handled one question after another. Once again George Bush's record as president was on the line, this time on his performance at home -- and once again he failed to give us any credible reasons to send him back to the White House. Kerry easily won the third debate, going 3 for 3 against Dubya.

The people at the Firehouse left pleased with what they had heard from Kerry, convinced that he is the man to lead America and back on the right track and that George Bush's failed record on health care, jobs, security, fiscal responsibility, etc., should result in another job loss -- his own! Plans were made to travel to battleground states, phone bank for Kerry in Evanston and Buffalo Grove, and to do whatever possible to give Kerry/Edwards a decisive victory on November 2.


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