Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Missouri is kicking BUTT!

Report from Sue Masten
Missouri tops the nation-wide contact list on several individual nights last week!! To quote Jack, "It was a stellar week!!"

Missouri contacts made last week hit an all time high of 117,000!!! The week before Jack Ryan was ecstatic when Missouri had 72,000 contacts. Last week alone 47,000 MORE were made. Again thanks to all the efforts of Illinoisans who have graciously given up weekend(s) to help our neighboring state Missouri.

A large group of determined working people joined our efforts last week. A call of thanks has been placed to my good friend Tom McLaughlin for his involvement in this. 68 of his co-workers worked hard this past Saturday supporting the Kerry-Edwards team by knocking on the doors of our Missouri neighbors homes. With continued efforts such as this, Kerry will win Missouri and the Election!

In addition there were also a number of other Illinoisans there to help. My son and I worked a very large precinct -- taking 8 hours to cover -- and in doing so, we spoke to some truly wonderful people who feel it is time for change. Don't we all?

To quote a republican (which I almost NEVER do) "Are we better off now than we were four years ago?" I think not. With just 3.5 weeks to go, lets keep up the pace!

Thanks again to Jack and his staff in MO for being such gracious host!


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