Monday, October 04, 2004

Gandi Statue Dedication (10/2)

A Kerry Campaign Volunteer’s Account of Weekend Events

by Susan Schell, 9th CD
Volunteer Director of the Kerry Media Corps.

The beautiful Gandhi Dedication Ceremony on Saturday was a very moving experience for all 41 Kerry-Edwards Volunteers, who participated with me this weekend, on October 2 and 3. We were also touched by the wonderful Sunday afternoon we spent on Devon Street, meeting and greeting storeowners and shoppers.

As expected, the Indo-Asian people we met, could not have been any more inviting and welcoming. Were their already many Kerry supporters among those we met? You Bet! Yet, the Kerry Campaign wanted to acknowledge their support and schedule something on this very important weekend, in which the Statue of Gandhi was unveiled and dedicated.

The words and life of Gandhi were widely praised by all in attendance on Saturday, Oct. 2, including Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, and many other Democratic State Leaders. For me personally, this day served as a precious reminder of how a man of peace subsequently can influence the world. It also encouraged me to forget "campaign fatigue" and continue to work hard for change when I believe change is necessary.

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