Thursday, September 16, 2004

Road Trip to Iowa

Report from Nora Rowley:
I returned, for 4 days, to Davenport for the first time since Kerry's build up to the caucus.

I was certified as an Absentee Ballot Courier. This is as part of the Iowa Dem. Parties GOTV initiative to get Dems that have not voted in all the past elections to vote. As the couriers collect absentee ballots, those voters will be marked off the absentee ballot voters list and anyone left the last week before the election will be contacted to get their absentee ballot sent in or picked up by our courier.

The voters in Iowa have the same concerns as anyone else, including that lack of unbiased substantive Media coverage. There are a higher percentage of gun militants for Bush there.

It was great to return to Mary Sue's Cafe where Kerry held a round table luncheon discussion about jobs before the caucus. Mary Sue waits on every table herself and is an avid Kerry supporter/Bush hater.

There is a dedicated group of Western Ill. Univ. students that help out every evening and weekend with canvassing.

This last trip, in addition to the courier training, I did office work, phone banking to get Dems to vote absentee and polling (Kerry is up in the Davenport area) as well as data entry.

This next trip I'll be bringing more yard signs and buttons and will stay with an older couple who are great Kerry supporters.


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