Friday, August 27, 2004

Thursday's Meetup at Charleston (Bucktown) -- 8/26

Report from Barbara Coleman:
I thought Bucktown MU was great. I may be a bit predjudiced though! We actually met outside on the street! It was cooler. I don't think anyone minded. We had a lively, yet informal gathering. Kind of like hanging out with friends.

There were about 24 people. We had a lot of new people, everyone seemed to be ready for action and were willing to volunteer. (Outreach members) Brendan and his friend gave a very enthusiastic account of their outreach efforts and motivated people to sign up. (Media leader) Magali Matarazzi came and talked about the Media Corps. As usual she was also fantastic. People also signed up for media/letterwriting. We don't have much time left!

So all in all, I think it went quite well. I gave everyone ‘Join the Fight,’ and passed out quite a few flyers. Over the weekend we are doing VR at the Bucktown Arts Fest.
[from Barbara Coleman, Charleston (Bucktown) Meetup Leader]


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