Sunday, August 22, 2004

Edison Park

The Park Ridge/Edison Park group is on “fire” for Kerry. What started three moths ago with thirteen people at a Meetup just continues to grow with over 130 people now on their e-mail list. In a Republican area, their efforts are really making a difference.

Sharon Sikes organized the Saturday parade and wrote:

We were small but mighty! A dozen people and 3 dogs marched for Kerry in the parade. We were in the Democratic bloc that included Jan, DeLeo, Clare McWilliams (judge and owner of Elvis the campaign dog) so we looked a bit stronger than we were.

It was a tough crowd but we signed up a few volunteers and met Brian Grady and Bob Kujanpaa who came to work and will continue! Bob's a veteran who's been campaigning since 1948 - he made handmade signs for Truman! He was recovering from injuries and couldn't walk in the parade, but showed up with a lawnchair and planted himself in the middle of a sidewalk in the sun and stickered and talked to people for several hours. Great guy and we have to get him a Veterans for Kerry sign for his window! Sharon

On Sunday, we again worked the festival in Edison Park and signed up over thirty more volunteers and made a strong statement by stickering the crowd with the familiar Kerry blue lapel sticker. Thanks to Sharon McBride who runs the DNC Meetup for helping out plus continuing to pass information on to her group.


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