Sunday, August 01, 2004

Kerry Volunteers Make a Difference at Chicago's Venetian Night

In a sure sign that things are heating up, 15 new volunteers showed up at Chicago's famous Venetian Night. They found that through their participation, they can make a significant positive impact on the national election!

In the earlier part of the evening, we were all lined up at the entrance to the event at the Lakefront and Monroe. There we all stood in a line greeting the thousands upon thousands of people flooding in with our Kerry stickers, signs and pins. It truly was a Kerry event.

As any Kerry Volunteer who's been around can tell you, the public is enthusiastically in favor of our guy, John Kerry. Our volunteers at Venetian Night couldn't peel off stickers fast enough. We also had a large number of sign-ups and also general questions from the public -- of all ages, shapes and sizes -- on how to get more involved.

We were scheduled to continue handing out stickers till the fireworks started (9:30pm) but by 8:15 we had already handed out every sticker and pin we had. We gathered all our belongings, everyone grabbed a Kerry sign, and we proceeded to march single file down the Lakefront.

In a city-wide event, you get a broad audience and some in the crowd -- a few -- made it clear that they supported the current miserable failure in the White House. It was good that we encountered this since it reminded us of what we're facing on an even greater scale in the Battleground states. It also reminded us of how essential it is to support our campaign's efforts in those areas!

Of course, at Venetian Night the overwhelming preponderance of support was for John Kerry. People would applaud and clap -- some at a considerable distance -- as we walked by. Cars would honk their horns. It was just like a parade! We went south along the Lakefront almost all the way to Roosevelt, then went back up on the other side. We finished our impromtu parade just in time to pack everything up, take a group shot and watch the fireworks.

I don't think anyone who came and volunteered for this event failed to see how their presence did make a difference -- in favor of getting John Kerry elected president. This was a major event and we had a major impact on it.

Thanks to all.


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