Friday, July 23, 2004

Thursday's Kerry Meetup at Ann Sathers

Report from Dan Pawlus:
Kerry supporters gathered once again at Ann Sather's on the North side on Thursday July 22 to show their support for our candidate and his new running mate.

A lively crowd of about thirty were in attendance with many newcomers to the group. Agenda topics included the several upcoming visibility events as well as outreach recruitment and opportunities to battleground states in the near future. The enthusiatic crowd took part in breakout discussions that included engaging feedback around John Edwards and his strengths on the campaign trail, the healthcare challenge that is a key issue in the election, as well as lively talk about the recent "Outfoxed" movie that is causing quite a stir in the conservative camp.

Attendees left interested, motivated and ready to take their passion to the streets as we lean into the next few months of momentum building campaign fever. The meetup was hosted by Joey Hampton, Dan Pawlus and Leo Robert Klein and a concerted call out to South and West side Meet-up expansion was put to the group.


Blogger leo said...

I'd like to thank Ann Sathers, the manager there, and Alderman Tunney for the wonderful hospitality we recieved.

Our breakout session was wide-ranging. I never thought I'd be hosting a breakout session about VR but I've heard Dave Parry and others talk about it that enough rubbed off for me to sound like I knew what I was talking about -- at least for the first few minutes.

We also talked about visibility events, how important it is for as many people to turn out at them, and other aspects of the campaign. Sue Rohmberg helped move the conversation along.

1:11 AM  
Blogger Daniel said...

Just meet Alderman Tunney two nights ago... He did a great job firing the troops up at a Kerry supporter party. If you see him and other public officials like him that aren't taking this election in Illinois for granted, please thank them.

6:52 AM  

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