Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Brookfield Independence Day Parade

Report from Nora:
About 30 Kerry and Obama supporters marched together and for each other. We had marchers from 3 yo to late 70's.

We chanted "Vote, Obama, Kerry, Now!" the whole way despite being between 2 musical groups. There was a Christian Rock band in front of us. The Summersnowmen.com group behind us played the recording, "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow" - they were a hoot!

We were well received on the first half of the parade route in the northern side of Brookfield but the applause decreased considerably for the second half.

We tossed candy, handed out buttons, stickers, bumper stickers and leaflets. We didn't pace ourselves and were almost out as we started the second half. This less supportive crowd didn't miss it, except for the kids without candy, :(.

A WWII veteran was very pleased to accept a Veterans for Kerry button from me.

My 7 year neighbor Joey begrudgingly agreed to get up early and march with us. He and Kerry both like to play hockey, see. He finished the parade with a big smile, sticky with candy residue, and agreed that he had a great time.

Nora E. Rowley
Western Cook For Kerry

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