Friday, June 25, 2004

Hyde Park Meet-Up by the book

Our first Hyde Park meet-up was a great success!

23 people gathered in a lecture hall at the University of Chicago & yummy Oreos were munched while introductions were made. The majority were U of C affiliated, but 30% were not! Some were eager to find out more about Kerry, some were Kerry diehards from before the primaries, but all agreed that our Hyde Park community was ready to work together to kick Bush out of the White House!

Hosts John Moore and Tanya Baker filled everyone in on the Kerry campaign and the Chicagoland grassroots efforts and reviewed upcoming local events. One attendant, Megan Wachspress, took a leadership role in voter registration efforts, while Maria Krisch chose to head up distribution of Kerry materials around campus.

We decided to support some visibility events at the Hyde Park July 4th parade and festival, to be led by John Moore, as well as at some of the free movies and music events on the midway throughout the summer. Enough money was raised to purchase a roll of stickers for these upcoming visibility events as well! Hyde Park & the U of C are on track to make an impact in this campaign!


Blogger leo said...

I think this was our 1st Meet-up on the South Side, right?

In any case, thanks to Tanya and John! I've seen John in action before. I can't only imagine how excellent this Meet-up was.

9:50 PM  

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