Sunday, May 30, 2004

Report on Last Week's Meetup at Goose Island

Josh Lange, Meetup Chair at ChicagolandForKerry, has this to say about last week's Meetup at Goose Island:
The Goose Island Brew Pub Meetup had a record turnout of over 100 people and raised over six hundred dollars last night. Brendan Goff hosted the packed room, along with representatives from the Obama and Cegelis camps. To ensure a better host-to-attendee ratio for June, we are asking anyone who would consider hosting a Meetup in their neighborhood to email Meetup Chairman Josh Lange ( with your name, phone number, and neighborhood. Let's get out the Meetup in June and keep the momentum going!

Images from the Meetups at Goose Island and Ann Sather are available through the Photo Section of the web site.


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