Thursday, July 01, 2004

Just Back from the DJ Concert in Grant Park

Once again, the ChicagolandforKerry Volunteer Dance Instructors wowed the crowds at the DJ concert in Grant Park with their signature mix of dance finesse and political savvy. Kerry stickers were in great demand.

Featured DJ was Ralphi Rosario. He played an interesting mix of remixed 80's pop and tunes with a softer almost Latin flavor.

Comments from the admiring crowd included, "you dance like a professional" (to Tanya) and "do you really like this music? Will you be here next week?".

We danced from the first tune to the last. We also went through a whole roll of stickers.

Note, DJ Wednesdays will be running throughout the summer and feature some of the most well-known DJs in House and Club Music. See the Full Schedule.


Blogger leo said...

BTW: Scariest question of the night: "John Kerry Who?"

Second scariest question: "Is he a Democrat?"

To which I replied respectively, "John Kerry's the guy who's going to chase George Bush out of the White House" ; and "he's a Democrat that Independents and even some Republican can support."

10:03 AM  

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