Friday, June 25, 2004

The Meet-up at Ann Sather's

Report from Dan Pawlus:

An enthusiastic group of about 25 gathered at Ann Sather's on Thursday June 24 to show their support for John Kerry for President. The group was polled and strongly voiced their attendance as a desire to back Kerry for his policies as well as do anything necessary to remove the current administration.

Kerry Meet-up information was shared with all - opportunities to volunteer, house parties, upcoming events, visibility, outreach and open discussion. Many joined in the conversation to voice their experiences of already volunteering in various capacities from finance office work to voter registration to visibility events.

The group broke into discussion groups with lively conversation around Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11, current administration policy issues and various ways to help drive voter registration and put our candidate in office.

The evening concluded with a rallying cry to raise funds until the July 26 convention, to host house parties and to continue to educate friends and family on pertinent Kerry policy and stances in an honest attempt to build passionate support and understanding for our candidate that will be the next President of the United States!!

[Dan Pawlus and Joey Hampton hosted Thursday's Meet-up at Ann Sather's.]


Blogger leo said...

This was my second Meet-Up at Ann Sather's and as anyone who goes there can tell you, it's truly a warm, friendly and determined crowd.

Way to go Joey and Dan!

9:47 PM  

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