Thursday, July 08, 2004

Kerry Dance Volunteers at DJ Wednesday

Well, the Kerry Volunteer Dance Instructors showed their stuff on the dance floor once again this Wednesday.

This time round it was the "Deep House" Superjane Collective featuring DJ Colette, DJ Heather, and DJ Lady D. The absolutely fab music was interrupted only intermittently by rain showers.

As usual the Kerry Volunteer Dance Instructors attracted a considerable amount of positive feedback as they danced and handed out their Kerry lapel stickers. Comments included, "I'm not sure about Kerry but you sure can dance" (person obviously needs more work) and "It's so great to see a bunch of happy Democrats"!

You can find this bunch of Happy Democrats weekly at DJ Wednesdays in Grant Park at Michigan Ave. and Harrison -- 6:30pm-9:30.

See Schedule.


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