Wednesday, July 07, 2004

The Hyde Park 4th of July Parade was all for Kerry!

Report from Tanya:
Many many thanks to the marching crew that made our Hyde Park 4th of July parade look like a John Kerry for President parade =)

While we were getting ready to march, an overwhelming majority of the other participants in the parade eagerly agreed to wear John Kerry stickers and even offered to carry signs for us. A driver in the parade came running up to ask us for a large Kerry yard sign to display on the hood of his SUV which was in the parade.

We were able to dress up our Kerry signs with streamers, balloons and american flags, and the best signs were made by John proudly stating Hyde Parkers for Kerry! Armed with a roll of John Kerry stickers purchased with the funds raised at our June meet-up and bags of candy, John Moore, Jessica Lent & her friend,
Joanne Yao, Emily Boening, Marieke Guillen-Treadway, Gabe McArthur, Christopher Greenwald and Susan Hoffman marched through the streets of Hyde Park spreading Kerry cheer. It was a huge success!

Thanks Hyde Park for Kerry supporters! You made it clear to our community that we are united and ready for a positive change in the White House!
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