Sunday, August 01, 2004

Kerry Volunteers at Fiesta del Sol

With the familiar "Kerry-Edwards" lapel sticker, Kerry Volunteers greeted people to the famous Fiesta del Sol event on Saturday. Organized by ChicagoforKerry's own Latino Outreach Coordinator, Martin Arteaga, the event attracted a number of new Kerry Volunteers -- many of whom had no problem soliciting support for John Kerry in either English or Spanish.

Whatever the language, all were welcome to help out! Volunteers gave out stickers. They passed out flyers explaining the issues and how to get more involved. A number of volunteers were doing voter registration. We quickly found out -- not that we had many doubts -- that the Spanish-speaking communities are a critical factor in the coming election and that so many of them support John Kerry. It was a great event.

For those interested in getting involved with Latino Outreach, please feel free to contact Martin.

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