Wednesday, July 28, 2004

When I Say 'O', You Say Obama

Report from Sue Schell, Evanston’s Cub Reporter:
Approximately 65 people attended a Democratic Convention Party at the Schell house last night to celebrate our party’s attributes and speakers.

Watching the Convention

Everyone in attendance gave all of the speakers shining reviews and often through the night, loud thunderous applause was heard coming from the third floor (for those fortunate enough to find an available seat in the theater room) and the family room, where TVs were set to C-Span.

Throughout the night, I kept hearing from everyone that watching the convention with a crowd of people was much more entertaining and fun, than you sitting at home and watching it alone. The observations and responses to each speaker were always interesting. Sometimes a party guest would make a comment to help clue others into where the speaker was trying to lead the audience. It was fun hearing Bonita point to the Illinois delegation and say, “Isn’t that Alex?” Alternatively, I kept hearing her say, “I think I just saw “Bonnie”.

Then resembling the Boston convention crowd, whenever a speaker said something that we totally related to, we began waving our Kerry/Edwards, and Obama signs.(Speaking of which, if possible, could someone please get us some Teresa Heinz Kerry signs?)

Anyway, just as he was the big hit of the Boston Convention, Barak Obama, was a big hit here, also. What a connection he was able to make with all of us. Someone asked if we thought he had written his speech and without hesitation, many of us responded, yes. Of course, Michelle his wife, I am sure had a little something to do with it, but he carried the night with his incredible intelligence, warmth, and global vision. Someone commented that he had just made Senator Kerry’s job Thursday night a little harder. How could anyone outperform that performance?
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