Sunday, July 25, 2004

Visibility Hits Stride in Chicago Over the Weekend

Eager Kerry volunteers swarmed into two events over the weekend at the Taste of Lincoln Avenue and Summer on Southport.

The first event was organized and led by Kathy Karsten and the second by Visibility Coordinator Jen Lyng. At the second event alone, seven (!) volunteers showed up to hand out stickers and take down names and email addresses. We also had several new people who heard of us either through our own website at or through the John Kerry Volunteer Center.

Kerry volunteers are reaching out and spreading the word about the Kerry-Edwards Bandwagon. This weekend's draw is a great harbinger for future big events like Venitian Night (7/31), Bud Billiken (8/14) and of course the Air & Water Show (8/21-8/22).

For more information about events, see the Events Section.

If you would like to participate in an event, please contact Event Coordinator Jen Lyng

See also the Photo Gallery.


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