Friday, August 27, 2004

Evanston Meetup Continues to Grow

Report from Susan Schell:

Evanston had a pretty full house at our Kerry Meetup last night and most of the faces were of new people in the crowd. Many of our regulars have moved on to spread the word out west (suburbs, that is).

Robin Trilling, the host, would know the final attendance count, so anyone wanting to know should email her. I'm happy to report that I, as the Volunteer Director of the Illinois 9th CD for John Kerry, had 18 new Media Corps. people sign up for our group, which now stands at 170 people. Many of these new people had Iowa, Wisconsin and Ohio roots, so you know I'm encouraging them to contact their local media, outlets that they grew up with.

We also covered the topic of blogging and our planned Blogging Blitz for next week during the Republican Convention. I provided, by email, a list of which sites to use during the Convention, courtesy of If anyone would like my List of Blogging Sites, just let me know.

I'm also happy to report that we were able to assist our local Democratic Office in Evanston by successfully recruiting lots of new people to help out on election day in the 9th CD.

Our speaker for the night, State Rep Julie Hamos, as usual, did a great inspirational job at kicking off the night. She held up a copy of the recent Electoral Vote Predictor, which now shows Kerry having lost some ground over the last week, which came as no surprise to anyone, due to all of the "seeds of doubt" those nasty Republicans, time and time again, successfully plant against their opponents. But, Rep. Hamos encouraged everyone to remain optimistic and to dig in because the race really only starts after Labor Day, when more people really begin paying attention to political affairs and the presidential race.

Our meeting was informative and went smooth. I believe everyone left feeling glad that they had made the effort to come since they had learned something new about the Kerry campaign.


Sue Schell
Evanston Cub Reporter


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