Sunday, August 22, 2004

Air & Water Show - Sat. (8/21)

Thanks to the thirty-five volunteers from the DuPage and North Suburban groups who worked the Air and Water Show on Saturday. A special thanks goes to veteran John Lee Bingham for organizing the event.

We blanket the show with six teams of four to five volunteers including manning a volunteer control center. Thanks to Adelaide for organizing materials and the "mobile" volunteer center. Volunteers distributed 8 rolls of Kerry/Edwards stickers to thousands of supporters in the crowd as well as signed up hundreds of volunteers to help with the campaign. Veterans Howard and John also signed up many veterans to help out with the cause.

At the most suburban visited festival in Chicago, the strong Kerry visibility and veteran support helped send the message to crowd about Kerry' s strength and vision on issues of national security and the military. – Report from Daniel


Blogger Jenn said...

Even though this is not my canidate of choice, I am THRILLED to see people my age taking an active part in this years campaign. Keep it up and see you at the polls!!!

2:50 PM  

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