Friday, August 27, 2004

Thursday's Meetup at Fitzgerald’s (Berwyn) -- 8/26

Report from Patty Reilly-Murphy:
We had 48 people at our meetup at FitzGerald's last night and raised $1,800 for the DNC-which I thought was great. I ordered several buttons, yard signs and bumper stickers and those sold well.

I thought the Wisconsin info was very well received but I thought we needed somebody there who could answer people's questions. One gentleman was the head of the West Suburban Democrats and he was asking about Congressional Districts, etc. Also, there were voter registration/absentee questions we couldn't answer so just directed them to the Board of Elections...

The crowd in general was over 45 with a lot of retired people who've been involved in liberal causes for years-although we also had many first-timers.
[From Patty Reilly-Murphy, Fitzgerald’s (Berwyn) Meetup Leader.]


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Wow, Patty, you win the prize!

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