Friday, August 27, 2004

Thursday's Meetup at Negro League Café (South Side) -- 8/26

Report from Dan Pawlus:
We had a pretty good showing at the Negro League Cafe tonight. I've got sign up sheets with about 15 names of good people ready and willing to get involved. (Illinois staff members) Avis LaVelle and Tammy Fagen stopped by and we also had Rikki Jones, African Outreach Coordinator and Mildred Logan from Rainbow Push to register voters. Avis gave a great speech on how we can make this happen at the grassroots level. Lots of talk around mobilizing and getting the word our about voter registration. We also had some interest in swing state outreach. No real donations, but I do have $20 in button sales.
[from Dan Pawlus, Negro League Café (South Side) Meetup Leader].


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