Monday, August 30, 2004

Illinois for Kerry Organizers visit Carbondale/SIU

Chicagoland for Kerry

Illinois for Kerry organizers Dan Dennision, Leo Klein and Nate Zeke descended upon Carbondale Saturday to help the Kerry Campaign with its first official State Campaign Kick-Off at Southern Illinois University. Their mission was to introduce identified Kerry volunteers in Southern Illinois to a grassroots action plan for involvement in their own communities. Dan Dennision gave a stellar presentation detailing how volunteers could coordinate their own events and organization to help John Kerry win in November and shared some successful grassroots efforts in the 9th CD using these methods. Dan, Leo and Nathan then aided Tammy, Rob and Will from the campaign staff in leading break-out sessions focused on getting the Southern Illinois Volunteers started on their own houseparties, trips to other states, phonebanking and voter registration efforts.

After the successful campaign launch Dan, Leo and Nate networked with local Kerry volunteers, supporters and staff in an effort to further advance the Illinois Kerry campaign's efforts throughout the state. On the way out of town the three organizers ran into an anti-Bush rally and, after passing out buttons and rally signs to the protesters, turned it into a pro-Kerry rally! Southern Illinois is on the roll and will be integral in getting out the vote in that part of the state as well as across the border in Missouri.


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