Friday, September 24, 2004

Meetup at Goose Island (9/23)

Report from Josh Lange:
Last night's Kerry Meetup was good. We didn't have as big of a cut in our attendance despite the's website overhaul. Co-host Kathy Karsten and I hosted about 25 people, and some came up to me afterwards and said they liked the size, so maybe the turnout was for the best.

Lots of newcomers, which was inspiring, and Joel Colon, Afghan veteran and speaker's bureau member, was there to talk about a protest of John O'Neil (of Swift Boat Veterans for "Truth"). They're going to bring a bunch of National Guard applications and hand them out to anyone who is rabidly pro-Bush at the O'Neil lunch. (Write to get more information on this.)

Goose Island, the brewery where we had our Meetup, had an interesting contest going on: they brewed a Bush beer and a Kerry beer and they were tallying the number of orders and posting them by the entrance

As you can see, Kerry's doing well.


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