Sunday, October 03, 2004

Recent trip to MO

Report from Sue Masten (Springfield IL):
I had the pleasure to meet Jack Ryan who had wonderful news to share:

Apparently there is a friendly challenge going on with "Travelers" between states. Missouri won this past week with 54,000 contacts, ousting Ohio. These two states have been playing the ol' tug of war game as to who could make the most contacts - till now Ohio has edged out Missouri, but not so this past week. Way to go Missouri!!

Dick Durbin was in the Maywood office this past Friday afternoon and indicated that Missouri was a "winnable" state. Jack reiterated that 2 new offices sites were opened in the St Louis area and 20 paid staffers were added as well.

IL travelers news. Today, October 2 there were 6 of us who braved the early hours and met in Maywood by 9:30 am. They were Alecia, husband and daughter Sherry, Randall Abbott, John Doellman and Sue Masten. There are 2/3 slated to go tomorrow.

The IL group was asked to canvass some outlining areas (about 10 - 15 miles from the office) since these areas were hard to reach. My son and I canvassed 2 complete subdivision! Needless to say -- there was lots of walking, but we had the extreme pleasure of meeting some very supportive Kerry voters. Of those we spoke to -- again there was easily a 2/1 ratio for Kerry. One young family saw us coming up their walk and asked "Hey! Are you Kerry workers - cause if you're not, you have to leave - right now?" Although said in jest, they were nonetheless very strong Kerry supporters.

News of upcoming events:

St Louis is the hub of activity given the upcoming debate. Jack Ryan reported that Japanese news reporters were already at the office in Maywood this past Thursday and that the office itself is preparing for national news coverage.

There is planned a HUGE rally on Friday to be at Forest Park. Confirmation will be forthcoming -- so stayed turned. Jack states that Kerry's sister will be in the Maywood office on Saturday to thank everyone for their hard work and of course to ask for their continued efforts.

This Saturday, the day following the debate there is planned a HUGE canvasses event. Anyone and everyone is asked to help.

As far as IL volunteers there are so many activities which have been planned in and around IL - that it speaks to the heart of the volunteers!!!

Sue - see you this coming Saturday!!


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