Friday, September 24, 2004

Meetup at Rockwells -- Lincoln Square (9/23)

Report from Dan Pawlus
I wanted to relay to you that we had a great meetup
in Lincoln Square tonight! There were about 25 in attendance and all interested and engaged. The venue, Rockwells, was a very good choice and co-host Annalisa Lunn did an amazing job of rallying her troops to attend, sign up for Outreach and other volunteer efforts and contribute funds for Wisconsin towards a bus!! We kept it pretty simple and focused on the Kerry Travelers, Frankie Z's and of course the i4k Basic flyer. We also had Clark McCain, from the letterwriting team, present to speak.

The mood of the attendees was as to be expected. There is a palpable feeling that IT'S TIME to turn up the heat and make it happen. People are interested and willing to help in Wisconsin. I'm very much looking forward to the debate next week (at Frankie Z's).


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