Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Cheese Parties for Wisconsin

Report from Sharon Sikes:
The fundraising house parties for Wisconsin Outreach were quickly termed "Cheese Parties." Almost 20 volunteers, from Riverside to Vernon Hills, have stepped forward to host a party to raise money for buses to get our volunteers to Wisconsin!

In September, we raised more than $10,000 and October has a very good chance to surpass that! Many of the parties are also actively recuiting volunteers with letter writing stations, phone lists for people to pull out their cel phones right then and there, and we can't forget such memorable games as "Bushinocchio" (pin the very long nose on the Bush!).

Each bus costs a minimum of $500 and we also send $300 worth of bumper stickers and buttons with EACH bus - we're going to use every cent and more. In the week prior to the election, we'd like to see several buses running every single day, sending our ground troops out, knocking on doors, collecting absentee ballots and getting out the vote!

We will continue to host parties up the the last minutes of the campaign. They're fun, people are thrilled to donate money to something specific - they can see where their money is going and that it is absolutely bringing us more votes for John Kerry!

Email me for more information!

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