Saturday, October 09, 2004

Illinoisans in St Louis for Kerry Post-Debate Rally

Hot ticket of the night following Debate No. 2 in St. Louis was the Rally at the America's Center. A number of Illinoisans attended. Here's the Report from Sue Masten (Springfield):
Well, It's 10 pm Saturday night and I just got home! Does that tell you anything?

What does 10,000 people sound like screaming "Kerry! Kerry! Kerry!"? Well now I know. It is amazing! And what a sight to see. Combine the blend of voices in rhythmic chants with signs of Kerry Edwards, Women for Kerry, Nurses for Kerry, Veterans for Kerry and a gazillion waving American Flags, not to mention red, white and blue confetti -- it's a scene I am not soon to forget.

There were two large screens in which to watch the debate a large stage backed by a bleachers soon to be filled with yet more Kerry supporters. Staff workers passed out signs, flag, and shirts. And the people everywhere were polite and kind, gracious and friendly, and full of hope and the spirit which hope brings. Smiles were abundant. And children attending were all amazed, eyes wide in wonder and awe. This was like a scene from the Democrat Convention. I stood like all the others waving my flag, and chanting "Kerry, Kerry, Kerry!!"

10,000 pairs of eyes and ears were glued to the two large screens. The debate took on a life of its own -- its heart beat: the crowd. Everyone listened intently to everything which was said. Kerry was HOT, sizzling hot. He was direct, firm and presidential and the crowd, the heart of it all, seemed to blend and become as one -- all supporters, all believers in the future, in the possibility that life can become better and leaving no room for doubt that it will be better.

With signs waving, John Kerry, his daughter, his sister and Teresa entered the room and soon people were chanting "Hello John, Good-bye George!" And there in front of us, only steps away, was the person who all came to see. And he spoke to us, thanked us, and encouraged us.

Three and a half weeks left to go, lets not get weary, lets pick up the pace, walk another block, knock on another door, call another person!!

Sorry that not everyone could be there - it certainly was worth it all. And thanks to Jack Ryan for offering the VIP tickets to us all. We sure enjoyed the night!!

Sue Masten
[photo courtesy Beth Sands (Edwardsville)]


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