Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Thank You from the Iowa Democratic Party

via Nate Zeke:
Attn: Illinois for Kerry and Northern Illinois Kerry Travelers

This weekend’s canvass was a phenomenal success! This weekend we knocked on 2567 doors and got 834 contacts. We also got 251 people to swing from an undecided or leaning status for Kerry or bush to a definitely Kerry status. We knocked more doors than any other office in the state besides Des Moines’ office (which is three times the size of ours).

Next week we will be doing another volunteer canvass in which we hope to increase the number of volunteers and focus on voter outreach in selected precincts. If everybody can bring an extra friend or two, we can clean up in Scott County Iowa! Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication and for coming out here week after week to move us toward a stronger and more respected America. We all really appreciate Chicagoans that come all the way out here to Iowa to help make a difference.

Nick Antonopoulos
Iowa Democratic Party
Davenport, IA
[Note, Nate Zeke is Coordinator for i4k Travel to IA. Roadtrips to Iowa take place every Sunday. To sign up for one of these trips, go to our Events Page.]


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