Saturday, October 23, 2004

Missouri Update (10/23)

Report from Sue Masten:
Well, it's been a while coming getting information about Missouri from the new staff, but I took advantage of being once again the office at Maywood today. I met with Mark Jones and Megan Hutchinson. Missouri is now back to full production, at the level when Jack Ryan and staff were transferred to IA. To quote the staff, "We were of victim of our own success." But they are back on track.

MO is making about 12,000 contacts with voters each night. This is a state-wide figure. The good news is about 3 weeks ago the Republican National Campaign pulled its money and left only a small ground force, so it is good for the taking. Staff in MO indicate through phone calls and canvassing they have identified enough voters to win St. Louis and in doing so they predict to will MO as a state. A special thanks to all of you who have volunteered your time to help our sister state Missouri in making those phone calls and canvassing!!

Today calls and canvassing centered around seeing if voters knew their polling place and if they needed a ride. Kerry Fliers continued to be passed out. I can tell you from all the calls I made (over 40 pages worth), several people indicated that they have been called again and again, and people have stopped by their homes. Now the trick, as always with Democrats: Get the vote out!!! Get them to the polls.

Today we had a nice selection of people from IL. Kudos to Matti and Dora Shalev, from Champaign , who were actually in Chicago yesterday and drove to St Louis today to work!!! They have committed to work election day as well. Dora said if they can, they will stay from next Saturday until election day!!!

Dan Moore was great working both canvasses and phone bank. I do not know if anyone knows him, but he is a ringer for Jimmy Carter. I had to blink twice when he first walked in the office!! He and his wife, from Decatur, are week-long workers. They too will be there election day.

New comers, Stu and Virginia Jacobson had a great time working hard on the phone banks. They too are considering coming on election day.

Randall Abbott has been very diligent with consistent Saturday canvassing. He and Dan Moore report a very high rate of Kerry support when canvassing. Randall reported only ONE Bush voter in his area.

Volunteers from IL were recognized today in the Maywood for the commitment - which includes driving time from anywhere 2 - 3 hours one way. The commitment has been consistent and very much appreciated. ALL IL volunteers were asked to raise their hands reflecting 1/2 volunteers in the office!! Cheers and hoots and hollers were given to all the hard workers from IL!!

It was an honor to meet Dora, Matti, Dan, Virginia and Stu, and all the weekly IL volunteers and I look forward to seeing all of you next Saturday!! Again, I am in a cast and will only be able to work phones, but I am more than willing to drive others to St Louis.


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