Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Final Push

Message from Asim Mohammad:
Dear all:

I would like to keep it very simple. This is it. We are in the last eight days to fulfill our dreams, yours and mine.

As many of you know, from DuPage County, I along with Bob Wagner, Nancy Young, Bryan Thompson and Krystle Newquist have been with this campaign from the very beginning. Checkout the picture above from the initial days of campaign.

We went to IA for the Jackson-Jefferson dinner, campaigned in DuPage and Chicago, wrote letters around the USA, passed out literature, did phone banking, collected signatures to put Kerry on the Illinois ballot, spoke on his behalf to various gatherings, walked the parades (once there were only 3 of us), performed community services wearing Kerry shirts, hosted fund raisers and were part of fund raisers, donated to the Kerry campaign, went to different states as ground troops, attended the Democratic convention in Boston and re-did the whole cycle again.

We were there when the news was bad (and I mean REAL BAD) and we were there to celebrated our first victory in IA. We had a great journey in which we met great people young and old and made great friends. Now the journey is about to end with bright days ahead of us.

In the last 4 days the campaign needs as many people as possible to sacrifice their personal time and go to IA for the collective good. This is the last time the campaign is asking anything from us. In these days we will seal what we all, you and me, worked so hard to achieve, prosperity in all walks of life with domestic and international respect for USA. IA is where Kerry changed the statistical formula about Primaries and IA will be where he will change it one more time.

For the last 4 days of this election we are needed in IA. I am trying to arrange transport to go to IA and I am told accommodations for Illinois troops will be provided by Kerry supporters. It is exactly what happened during the Caucus. The campaign, in its last leg is requesting all of us to put aside our personal lives and help the campaign achieve the crowning victory which we all so want.


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