Saturday, October 30, 2004

Last Saturday in MO

Report from Sue Masten:
There was a small group of us leaving early this A.M., but nonetheless a mighty group! I was pleased to have Kay Henriksen and Tammy Mitchelle join us this day. In fact, Tammy -- and Randall Abbott -- had so much fun, they are headed back Sunday! Randall is also offering his legal expertise to MO on election day. And anyone riding with Alecia needs to "strap in" for a fast ride to St. Louis!

There was a HUGE Canvass today. When we drove up there appeared to about 75 people gathered with several smaller groups of 10-15 joining throughout the morning. Those returning proudly reported "It's still Kerry".

Phone banking was done in earnest as well as a coordinate efforts to schedule rides to the Polls. Surprisingly, both the city and county election offices were open today so there was a push to get voters to either office today or Monday beating the highly anticipated rush on Tuesday. One lady in her 80's indicated she and her friend had already made their minds up to take a cab if they could not get a ride. The cab fair would have been quite a lot for both to pay in order to vote but they thought the cost would be well worth it. So do I, but I was glad to offer both a free ride to the polls.

The efforts made on the phone to voters there today paid off as many more than just few were driven to both offices to place their votes for Kerry!! Both offices offered to have ballots brought to the cars of those who were disabled. By 10am lines were forming at sites!! It was good to see to the willingness of so many volunteers to "go the distance" to ensure that others enjoyed the right to vote. And when I say distance, St Louis County covers literally miles upon miles of Missouri soil and the volunteers never even blinked when asked to drive 30 - 40 miles one way to get a voter. Kudos to them all.

On the other hand while making calls it was nice to hear how many seniors had already voted. It was a sheer joy to speak to a 92-year-old man who said quite proudly stated "I voted Tuesday!" Another asked what she could do to thank us for the ride... "Just tell as many as you can to vote and if any need a ride, call us." She did just that. Having voted three of her friends called today to get a ride to the elections offices and all three were taken. More Kerry voters and so many more yet to vote! Things look very positive.

Another surprising event was the number of lawyers who came into the Maywood office this day offering their legal services on Tuesday. This was refreshing to see yet on the other hand it brought to mind the reality of what happened four years ago. God Bless them for offering to protect our constitutional right to vote!

I want to take this time to thank ALL volunteers - for all your efforts whether it be in St. Louis or in and around the Springfield area. It takes time to make time to volunteer. But I have to say, the real joy for me has been meeting so many of you -- working along side of you. Thank you again and I hope to see you again. And May God Bless you and yours in all that you do now and forever. And, may this Thanksgiving find that we have something extra to be thankful for.


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