Saturday, October 30, 2004

Ground Zero Wisconsin

Report from Curtis Keyes:

I'm in Milwaukee with 1000s of other Chicagoans. People are flying in from California, D.C., London -- yes, London -- and other areas of the country to help Kerry win Wisconsin. Kerry must win Wisconsin. Not only will we have an Obama win, but increasing a Kerry/Edwards victory as well.

If you can come to Wisconsin-Milwaukee, please do so. Wisconsin is ground zero. Wisconsin voters can register and vote on Election Day! Wisconsin has 10 electoral votes that Kerry needs!!!!!!

Kerry will be in downtown Milwaukee on Monday at 10am. Free open public rally! Bush will be in Milwaukee Monday too! Come to Wisconsin! Come to Wisconsin! Help us knock on doors and canvass the city. The voting lines are long...up to over an hour. We are getting coffee, seats, food and more for voters while they stand in line. Help with that, help phone bank, help drive seniors/disable to the polls! We do not want any one to get tired and leave without voting due to how long the lines are. The GOP challenged 5600 votes on Saturday, but the court only threw out 39 and dismissed the GOP allegations!

Please respond to this e-mail and let others know that you can come up to Wisconsin. We have free food/coffee throughout the day-- breakfast, lunch, dinner and accomodation for those who need it!

Buses leave Chicago Monday and Tuesday mornings at 8am.

Curtis in Ground Zero Wisconsin. Vote early on Monday at City Hall in Chicago and head to Wisconsin!!!


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