Tuesday, November 02, 2004

It's Election Day! Vote Early! Then Volunteer In Wisconsin!

Report from Thea Turner:
Dear Kerry supporters,

Today is the day! This is the most important election of our lifetime. We must win. Losing is unthinkable. There are two important things you can do today:

1) Vote early, if you haven't already voted!
2) Get out the vote for John Kerry and John Edwards and other Democratic candidates. This means going to a battleground state to help out if you can or helping with the election in Illinois if you can't travel.

If you are staying home and are not sure how to help get out the Illinois vote, call your local Democratic official's office and ask how you can help. There is lots to do!

If you can travel (and you are not already in Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio, Michigan…), please come to Wisconsin! Wisconsin's 10 electoral college votes may well decide this election. Everything that could be done to prepare for today has been done. Now it's time to make sure every Kerry vote is cast!

We have had an overwhelming response to our call for Wisconsin volunteers. Many of you have sent email to NIKerryTravelers@yahoo.com, asking where you should go. We have tried to get back to as many of you as possible, staying up many sleepless nights to process them. Alas, you are so enthusiastic that we have been unable to get back to all of you.

If we did get back to you, and we gave you a location, please go there. We have sent people to the locations that were given by Kerry's Wisconsin team in the proportions they requested. That means some of you will drive farther than others. But all locations are important and need to be covered. The farther locations have the most need now.

If one of the 527's (MoveOn, ACT, League of Conservation Voters, etc.) asked you to work for them in the meantime, please consider that they cannot legally have any contact with the Kerry campaign. Therefore, their efforts be inefficient and may lead to duplication. The Kerry campaign in Wisconsin has a lot of voter history that is not available to 527's. It is very important that the campaign has enough volunteers to get all the Kerry vote out. The campaign is also under spending restrictions that the 527's don't have to follow. While the goal is the same, the Kerry campaign should have precedence if you want to volunteer.

Because we cannot answer you all individually, I'd like to ask you to go to a location that is as far as you are willing to drive. When you get there, check in with the local Illinois for Kerry (I4K) volunteer. We are coordinating the efforts of our volunteers at the request of the campaign, so we need to know when you are there and ready to help. Volunteers will be needed at least up to the time the polls close.

Here are our locations, with the address and coordinators.

You can also call the Kerry HQ in Chicago for information. When you arrive, you will receive all training and instructions in the office. You are encouraged to show up as early as you can. You can get directions from http://www.mapquest.com or http://maps.yahoo.com.

**Madison is home of a huge university and progressive community. It is a Democratic stronghold. Address: AFSCME Headquarters, 8033 Excelsior, Madison. I4K Coordinator:
Daniel Dennison. Wisconsin Coordinator: Kris Pratt

**Janesville is in a crucial swing region of the state.
Address: Janesville Labor Temple, 1605 Center Ave, Janesville. I4K Coordinator: Micky Alm. Wisconsin Coordinator: Kim Nelson.

** Beloit is also in a crucial swing region of the state. Address: Beloit Democratic Coordinated Office, 430 E. Grand Street, Beloit. I4K Coordinator: Sue Schell. Wisconsin Coordinator: Danica Sorenson.

**Milwaukee (central office) is an urban area that is a Democratic stronghold. Address: Milwaukee Labor Council, 633 S. Hawley Road, Milwaukee. I4K Coordinator: Daniel Biss. Wisconsin Coordinators: Scott Haslett and Kris Shultz.

** Milwaukee (South office) is a second location in this critical urban, Democratic stronghold. Address: 910 S. 16th, Milwaukee. I4K Coordinator: Rich Heath. Wisconsin Coordinator: Richard Castanon.

**Racine is in another crucial swing region of the state. (central office) is an urban area that is a Democratic stronghold. Address: Racine UAW Hall, 3323 Kearney Ave, Racine. I4K Coordinator: Jonas Heineman. Wisconsin Coordinator: Diane Welsh.

**Kenosha is in the same crucial swing region of the state as Racine. Address: Kenosha UAW Hall, 3615 Washington Road, Kenosha. I4K Coordinator: Bill Bost. Wisconsin Coordinator: John Moak.

The cities are roughly ordered by distance from Chicago, although not necessarily your location. They are also in order by priority and need, since more people are willing to go to a closer location. Think about the need to get the Kerry vote out in all locations in Wisconsin, not just the corridor along the lake near Chicago.

If you can make it, fantastic! We really appreciate all your help! You don't have to call or email us, just show up. Bring your friends! Bring your family! Dress warmly and be prepared to do whatever is necessary to get Wisconsin to vote overwhelmingly for John Kerry and John Edwards!

Our buses will leave at 8:00 AM for their locations. We won't have a later bus, so you may have to drive. If you don't want to drive, find a friend who can or take Amtrack north to Wisconsin.

Good luck in Wisconsin! We're going to come back to Illinois with the country about to embark on a new, happier era!!!

Thanks, as always, for all your help!!!

Thea Turner from Madison, Wisconsin


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