Friday, October 29, 2004

85K See Kerry in Madison

Kerry In Madison on Thursday Posted by Hello

Unbelievable! College kids hanging out of the windows at the rally, people as far as I can see, thousands of Kerry signs, what an experience Thursday's rally in Madison was to see.

The national Kerry advance team called us a week before the event to try to pump up turnout from the Chicago area. At the time, they had hoped a showing of 40-50k would make the national news. Instead a whopping 85k turned out...

On Thursday, Channel 5 (to air on Monday) came to interview folks as they were leaving for the rally from the Democratic Party of Evanston.

The ride up I-90 was one IL car with Kerry bumpers stickers after another. We were about forty feet from the stage and had to go through metal detectors to get there. See the pic.

Anyway, when you looked back up State Street to the Capital building, it was an amazing mass of humanity. Awe inspiring to put it mildly.

The thing that kills me about the rally was how the media reported it. Every report keep saying Bruce Springsteen turned out the crowd. What a load of crap! The applause for Kerry was thunderous especially when he served up the red meat for the crowd. People were glad to see Springsteen, but no one drove from Chicago to see the Boss from half a mile away. Why is it the media refuses to believe that swing state voters could actually like Kerry?

Enough ranting, the excitement and momentum were in the air. Kerry's best line was, "This President looked you in the eye during the debates and said how hard it was, how hard it was. (Mockingly) Well help take a burden off this President on November 2nd, send me."

Special thanks to uber volunteers Magali and Maureen for organizing the I4K effort to boost attendance at the rally. Great job!


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