Monday, October 18, 2004

New Record for I4K Canvassing, plus the NYT

This weekend I4K canvassers broke two records. This was our first weekend to have over 260 volunteers on the ground, almost fifty more than our previous record. The second record to fall was that we put buses in multiple battleground states.

The thousand of contacts we are making will pay off on Election Day!

FYI, I4K’s efforts even made mention in the “newspaper of record” the New York Times in an article about Wisconsin.

In the last few weeks, two-thirds of the Kerry staff members in Virginia have been redeployed to swing states, many to Wisconsin. Last weekend, 200 Chicago-region Democrats, unneeded in their home state, where Mr. Kerry is well ahead, traveled by school bus to Janesville in south-central Wisconsin, to Milwaukee and to suburban Waukesha County.

I4K Canvassers Doing Callisthenics for Warmth Posted by Hello


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