Monday, October 11, 2004

I4K Travelers Storm WI and IA

What can I say, but you really delivered another fantastic weekend with over 205 volunteers participating in Saturday's canvassing. Rose, the Waukesha Field Coordinator, sent me an e-mail just to let us know how much they appreciated our work. Just in the Milwaukee (including New Berlin) area, we set a “NEW MILWAUKEE REGION RECORD” for number of contacts and absentee requests!

And New Berlin and Milwaukee were just two of the cities where we put buses. I4K Traveler buses were also sent to Racine and Beloit with overflow cars going to Madison. Five cities in one weekend!!!

This Saturday the 16th will be the LAST bus trip where we focus on collecting Absentee ballot requests. We have been asked to really turn UP our numbers out for this last absentee push. Please, please, please consider coming this Saturday to help! We have four buses and need to fill them completely!

And don’t forget the thirty I4K Travelers who kicked some Bushie tail last Sunday in Iowa. They did a persuasion canvassing, put up yard signs, and collected absentee ballots. In all, I4K volunteers in Davenport knocked on a 1000 doors and persuaded over 300 voters. Nathan will again be leading a group to go this Sunday.


Blogger leo said...

"kicked some Bushie tail"

Now, what kind of language is that?

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