Saturday, October 23, 2004

315 Volunteers Try to Save Democracy

Saturday canvassing for Illinois for Kerry travelers continues to explode. Volunteers just keep responding with more and more heart and effort. Today while miserable and rainy over 315 volunteers excitedly boarded 6 buses headed for WI and IA. The excitement brought to Kerry staff and local volunteers from the I4K volunteers was electrifying. Thousands of doors were knocked, supporters were asked to vote early, undecideds were won over and local volunteers were recruited for Election Day.

Grassroots organized and led, Illinois for Kerry is making a difference on a national scale. No top down organization can compete with our excitement or level of commitment. In the last six weeks of bus trips, we have put over 7200 manhours on the ground in Wisconsin and Iowa.

Al Gore was down 3-7% in 2000 going into Election Day in Wisconsin and won because the Democrats had a better ground game. Well the Bushies aren’t going to know what hit them this year, because I can tell you WI Democrats have the largest number of ground troops ever. You are a giant part of the reason why Iowa and Wisconsin will stay blue!

By the way, after the Election is anyone up for a restful weekend in Lake Geneva?


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