Friday, September 24, 2004

JK Volunteer Phone Bank in Evanston

Scott Larson has been leading the effort on the Northside and North Suburban to phone bank to two thousand John Kerry volunteers in this area. They are really getting people engaged and keeping the volunteers informed of all the opportunities out there to make a difference. Great Job Team Kerry!

Report from Scott:

On Wednesday, September 22 we made 450 phone calls to different Kerry supporters in the northern suburbs from the DPOE office. We had 12 volunteers working the phones, the majority of which volunteered not only their time, but also their cell phones to the endeavor. They all did a really great job!

The response was fantastic! We recruited lots of volunteers for the Wisconsin bus trip, and for swing-state phonebanking. Everybody was really excited about helping and the office buzz was unbelievable! The majority of the folks that we were calling were not home and we left messages for them. It's important that we talk to these people personally, so we will continue making calls right up to election day.

If you would like to help out with JK volunteer phone banking efforts, they meet every Wednesday night in the Democratic Party of Evanston office. Please rsvp to 847-491-0865.


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