Monday, September 27, 2004

Illinois Canvassers Blanket Wisconsin!

i4k had another excellent showing in Wisconsin this Saturday. Over 140 volunteers were sent out to canvass largely democratic wards in Beloit and Madison, trying to induce Kerry supporters to vote absentee. This helps the campaign in three ways: it puts the votes of some supporters in the bank before election day (even the strongest supporters can't be counted on for 100% turnout!), it shortens the lines at the polls and hopefully thus encourages more people to vote, and it makes our massive election day GOTV drives simpler and more effective.

In 2000, it was the absentee vote that put Al Gore over the top in Iowa -- if we work hard enough, we might see the same phenomenon in Wisconsin this year!

On September 25, we collected 821 absentee ballots. Can you help us make sure to pick up over 1,000 next Saturday?

This work is so important to keep the pressure up on the Bush campaign. We have to continue to outwork them. The Wisconsin Team Kerry is looking to us to be their clean-up hitters and to go where the campaign has the greatest need. We have to continue to fill the buses and add more. Wisconsin will turn on who wins the ground war.

Please consider answering the call and going to Wisconsin this weekend on Saturday the 25th. RSVP to the John Kerry Volunteer center or e-mail

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