Tuesday, September 14, 2004

House Parties for Wisconsin Needed!

This election is, likely, the most important presidential race we will see in our lifetime! Wisconsin is a critical state for John Kerry to win - those 10 electoral votes could turn the tide in this election! On Sunday, Sept 12, Chicagoland for Kerry sent two buses and a caravan of cars to Wisconsin. We hit the ground running in Janesville, Beloit and Milwaukee. We canvassed hundreds of Wisconsin voters and gave the Democratic Party of Wisconsin a fresh boost of energy for the home stretch! Those buses were flying, powered by the spirit and enthusiasm of the 150 volunteers who went! By the way, it takes a good deal of money, as well!

There are a million worthy causes crying for our attention and for our money right now but we've got to stay focused on our priorities! We must win Wisconsin! Right now, we are in a strong position for Kerry to win Illinois. Team Kerry Wisconsin is in a dogfight - they've asked for our help and we are compelled to give it to them! Jan Schakowsky was able to fund one of the buses last weekend and the rest of the money came from house parties, given by our wonderful volunteer hosts. Each bus costs a minimum of $500 a day - as we reach farther north, there will be overnights and significant additional expenses.

A House Party to benefit the Democratic Party of Wisconsin/Chicagoland for Kerry Unity fund is the single most effective way to raise money and to recruit new volunteers. House Parties are fun and they're easy! Set a date and time, and invite everyone you ever met! We'll provide sample invitations, ideas, and hand-holding if you need it! We have buttons and bumper stickers and we'll send a speaker if you want! If you have 5 guests or 500, pick a date and email Sharon Sikes, sharonsikes@yahoo.com. Sharon's coordinating the parties for the DPW Unity Fund - she'll make sure you have everything you need to raise money and to experience that incredible energy that comes when friends come together in a common cause.

Now is a critical time to step forward and put John Kerry and John Edwards where they belong - in The White House!


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