Tuesday, September 07, 2004

C4K Outreach to a Critical Community

Thanks to all the volunteers worked the Islamic Society of North America convention in Rosemont Sunday. The response from the community was overwhelming as hundreds of "Muslim for Kerry" buttons were handed out and gladly displayed. Between the buttons and stickers given out over 25% of the crowd was wearing the Kerry blue resulting in a fantastic display of visibility.

A stroll through the parking lot showed how many "out of town" convention goers where from battleground states. After Illinois, a significant minority of the cars was from the battleground states of Wisconsin and Michigan. The convention even made national news as the Republican's brought in a life-size cutout of Bush that was not warmly received. These same Republicans used their typical voter suppression tactics by trying to smear Kerry by handing out pins saying John Kerry "wrote the Patriotic Act" and other lies. Fortunately, most people came over to the Kerry booth to get the truth.

Congratulations and thanks to Asim Mohammad, who was a one-man show! For those who don't know Asim, he has been one of the main organizers for Kerry in DuPage County since before the primaries. Asim tirelessly organized the event this weekend, got the booth, got the attention of the national campaign and pulled together the resources needed to reach out to this important community. It is conceivable the Muslim vote could not only hand John Kerry, Michigan, but also Florida.

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