Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Indian Independence Parade on Devon

India Independence Parade Posted by Hello

Agggghhhhhh, so close, but yet so far away… Kerry volunteers were too busy blanketing the crowd with the familiar Kerry-Edwards stickers to notice the most reported event of the weekend, “The Obama / Keyes staredown.” At least, Obama came over and shook hands with most of the Kerry supporters who were working the crowd.

And what a fun, large and colorful parade... Even if there is no campaigning, I'll be back next year for the festivities.

In an ethic group where a substantial minority have voted Republican in past years, the enthusiasm for John Kerry’s candidacy was overwhelming. The Kerry stickers were more ubiquitous than Starbucks in downtown Manhattan. It looked like everyone was wearing one.

Volunteers rode a Kerry-Edwards float provided by Harish Bhatt. Other than a wrong turn at the beginning, volunteers had a blast waving and cheering with the crowd. Thanks, Harish!

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