Friday, July 09, 2004

Salon Kerry Nights Receiving Rave Reviews

Here is a report from Sue, Salon Kerry's official Madame, about the Evanston event last night.

Thirty-five Kerry supporters attended this week’s Salon Kerry Night at the Firehouse Grill, 750 Chicago Avenue, for a night of campaign discussion, strategizing and friendship. This was only our second week of holding Salon Kerry at this new location and it has worked out great. We have the use of the entire upstairs room and there is better parking plus it is located less than a block from the Main Street El and Northwestern train stop.

During the evening, several announcements were made about the numerous upcoming events and programs, in which volunteers were needed. Sue began by asking volunteers to join the Kerry Media Corps and explained what that entailed and how to join. Julie announced that she was hosting a volunteer phone party at her home in Evanston to register new voters this Sunday, July 11 from 6 to 8pm. Joanne reminded everyone that the Democratic Party of Evanston’s Progressive Dinner for Progressives was coming up on July 18 and urged everyone to come. Thea discussed the need for database help to maintain our quickly growing list of volunteers (keep em’ coming!). Daniel announced that this coming weekend there are three festivals (Wilmette, Park Ridge, and Lincolnwood) in need of volunteers for handing out Kerry info. John announced that anyone interested in attending the Peter, Paul and Mary concert at Ravinia, (a great Kerry social event) should contact him.

Following our announcements, everyone in attendance had a great time planning new projects and making new friends. Overall, these nights have resulted in many new friendships and stimulating conversation.

[More photos here -- lrk]


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