Friday, July 23, 2004

George “Let Them Eat Their Cake” Bush Visits Glenview

George Bush was in Illinois for another staged photo-op at a Northeastern Illinois Public Safety Training Academy where he toted his administration’s accomplishments on homeland security.

Over 150 protesters filled Navy Park in Glenview to let George Bush know what they thought about his hypocrisy of “mouthing” support for homeland security while gutting the funding for First Responders like the police and firefighters and gutting benefits for veterans. Firefighters and veterans were the most visible supporters in audience.

Protestors heard from US Representative candidate in the 10th Lee Goodman, Illinois IAFF representative Edward Crews and former Marine Dirk Enger, Alex Armour from Jan. S's campaign, Lauren Beth Gash and other great speakers.

Go read John Kerry’s speech on Homeland Security to learn about what President John Kerry will do to make Americans more secure. 

Firefighters for Kerry! Posted by Hello


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