Friday, July 23, 2004

"City on the Hill" - Evanston Meetup Matures

Message from Sue Schell on the Evanston Meetup:

With over 80 people signing in at the Evanston Kerry MeetUp, held at the Firehouse Grill, 750 Chicago Avenue, on Thursday, July 22, the electricity in the room was almost overwhelming.

Our MeetUp Host, Robin Trilling, kicked-off the meeting by declaring this election to be the most important election in her lifetime. She reminded everyone that with three months to go in this Presidential Campaign, there was still plenty of work to accomplish and although the campaign is going well, we can not afford to ease up for one minute in our support of the Kerry/Edwards ticket.

There was no shortage of people wishing to volunteer for the Kerry campaign, and within two hours when the meeting was ending, nearly everyone in the room had signed on to help with either voter registration, event planning, communications (phone calling), or joining the Media Corp. Team.

Prior to breaking into groups, however, Democratic State Senator
Jeffrey Schoenberg, who had returned in time from Springfield to address our group, presented his impression of how important this Democratic Presidential election is to the Party and why it is important for everyone to do their part to elect our candidate.

Senator Schoenberg said that after being warned that there could be a lite turnout for the MeetUp since a lot of people were away on vacation, he was shocked when he walked into the room to find such a large crowd.

The other speaker for the night was Hollister Bundy, a Godson of John Kerry, who related to the audience many personal stories about John Kerry, which served to give everyone a better perspective of the man, as a person. Hollister really told some heart-warming stories that spoke to the caring and warmth of Senator Kerry.
[see susan's full report]

Skokie-Wilmette Meet-up Report from Jennifer:

Skokie, Wilmette and other nearby communities were represented at last Thursday's meet-up.  Getting involved in a variety of volunteer activities was the theme for the evening as Kerry-Edwards supporters met at Edwardo's on Skokie Boulevard.

John Lee Bingham, a volunteer representing Veterans for Kerry, gave a rousing talk that included a solid list of reasons to support the Kerry Edwards ticket.  He encouraged pro-Kerry rather than anti-Bush rhetoric, shared a number of things we can all do (wear those Kerry-Edwards buttons all the time, not just for meet-ups!), and gave tips for working visibility events. 

We were also pleased to welcome Michele Bromberg, 17th District Candidate for State Representative.  Michele familiarized everyone with her candidacy, her experience and concerns, talking especially about health care and education.

 Both speakers answered questions and encouraged a good amount of dialogue among supporters.  Everyone present signed up for volunteer activities from phone calls and canvassing to travel to battleground states.


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