Monday, July 05, 2004

4th of July Weekend

What a great 4th of July! See pics from the 4th of July parades, Nora at the Brookfield Independence Day Parade, John Moore at the Hyde Park 4th Parade, the Skokie 4th Parade and the Evanston fourth of July Parade. And don’t forget the Kerry crew who worked the Taste of Chicago on Saturday.

Please post your comments about the events of this weekend. Did we miss any events?

Evanston Parade

The picture below is from the Evanston parade where 200+ upbeat Democrats marched to loud applause and in some sections standing ovations. The Kerry and Obama line was half a football field in length and bursting with enthusiasm. When passing the Republicans on the parade route, they started chanting “4 more years.” In response, Kerry supporters showed quick whit by starting a chant of “4 more months.” This cheer ended up being the best received and most fun on the march!

Sen. Durbin even dropped by to talk and take pictures with Kerry supporters after the parade. A special thanks does out to Shira Gordon and her mother for providing T-shirts for 140+ Kerry supporters. Thanks also to the Democratic Party of Evanston and Larry Suffredin for providing a fantastic pre-parade barbeque.

Kerry Supporters with Sen. Durbin Posted by Hello


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