Sunday, June 06, 2004

Volunteers Work Three Festivals for Kerry

Volunteers worked the Belmont/Sheffield Music Fest, Printer's Row and the May Fest in Lincoln Square this weekend. Between the two festivals over 120 names and e-mails were collected. Working for Kerry at festivals are crucial to our grassroots movement growing. Not only are they a great source of potential new volunteers, but also present a chance to energize the base into action. I talked to several Greenpeace and other environmental activists about Kerry’s impressive environmental record. What I was surprised at was the environmental activists had no idea that Kerry was a strong environmentalist. We need to be teachers and cheerleaders for Kerry!

At the May Fest in Lincoln Square, volunteers gave out over 800 lapel stickers. Kerry visibility was impressive! One disgruntled and obviously upset Republican made a snide remark "about how a beer festival was being turned into a Kerry Rally." Much to his annoyance, I thanked him for the compliment!

Bring it on! ;-)

Thanks again to Belmont/Sheffield Music Fest volunteers Barb, Onwosi, Andreana, and Gary. Thanks to May Fest Lincoln Square Fest volunteers Tina, John, Rich, Leo, Dana and Gary. Also, thanks to Stacey and Mark for Printer's Row Book Festival.

We’ll be working more festivals next weekend. Visit for event information and please come out and help!

Volunteers Try to Bribe Gary's Pup to Pose With Them Posted by Hello


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