Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Park Ridge Exploding With Kerry Support

Karen Nelson and Jory Nelson hosted a house party in Park Ridge from 7-9pm on Monday, June 21, which attracted 32 guests and generated $2640 when combined with donations given online in advance of the event.

Two speakers were present: Aminah Paden, who fired up the guests about the issues involved in the Kerry campaign and the urgency of ensuring election and Robert Biederman, Deputy Committeeman of the Maine Township Regular Democratic Party, who followed with specific ideas for how to get involved locally. A "presidential" coffee mug was awarded the guest who donated the most money.

Although half the attendees were professional musicians there was no musical entertainment, but the high decibel level of conversation and laughter provided the best soundtrack possible!

More than a few people, made the similar comments to Karen at the partyn along the lines that "finally, we Democrats can come out of hiding" and "I always felt so all alone as a Democrat, it's nice to finally find others". Park Ridge was represented by Henry Hyde for many years and had been solidly conservative Republican. Democrats literally did not mention their party affiliation except to each other to avoid becoming a social pariah.

Karen noted it is a relief to emerge as Democrats with a winning Presidential candidate and the power to restart a real debate! John Kerry's candidacy and the terrific work of our "new to us" congresswoman Jan Schakowsky have breathed new life into the political landscape of the Park Ridge community.

Come to the Park Ridge Meetup this Thursday to learn more about how you can help organize locally for John Kerry.

Starbucks Coffee, 100 S. NW Hwy, Park Ridge, IL
on Thursday, June 24 @ 7:00PM


Blogger KathyKarsten said...

Great to meet everyone Karen & friends :-) Look forward to seeing you again soon, and congratulations on your fundraising success!

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