Monday, June 21, 2004

Kerry Social Hour and Salon Kerry Continue to Grow

Thursday nights at Frankie Z’s (Chicago) or the Prairie Moon (Evanston) are the place for a Kerry supporter to be seen. Last Thursday night, close to thirty people showed up at the Kerry Social Hour at Frankie Z's and twenty-five for Salon Kerry at the Prairie Moon.

Leo writes about Thursday’s Kerry Social Hour at Frankie Z's,

Conversation ranged from speculation on the eventual VP nominee to what we had planned regarding the Clinton fundraiser and next week's Meetups. Festivities were enhanced by a squad of Chicago City Firemen who were celebrating a comrade's birthday in the adjoining room. New faces mixed with old, representatives from other campaigns were on hand as well.

Located at Frankie Z's on Clark near Hubbard, the Thursday Social Hour 6pm-9pm) is proving a popular destination for Kerry supporters in the city. It's a good place for people new to the campaign to learn about local activities and how to become more involved -- all in a relaxed friendly atmosphere.


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